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Modern businesses produce a lot of data. Don't let your information get wasted by under-utilizing it. Make use of every piece of info that matters for successful business operations. Tegzia allows you to have a clear insights of your business operations, forecasts and trends. Start managing your business intelligently now. It's easy.

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TEGZIA Services.

Committed to deliver effective solutions and ensure our customers derive maximum business value against their investment.

• Business Analysis & Strategy
• Business Intelligence
• Advanced Data Analytics

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TEGZIA Industry Verticals.

We provide expertise in key market segments and our analysts have proven track-record of successfully delivering data-driven projects.

• Financial Markets
• Consumer Businesses
• Services Industry
• Information Technology Providers
• Manufacturing Companies
• Healthcare Services

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TEGZIA Technology.

We use cutting-edge and industry proven technology for implementing technical solutions. Our expertise lies in the area of Relational, No-SQL and Cloud databases for analytics. Proprietary programs built using Python and in-house analytics platform.
Tegzia Analytics
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Business centric approach to deliver solutions.

1. Business Understanding

We understand the business problem and study industry vertical in which the business is operating. Setup initial target to achieve the maximum value from analytics in shortest turnaround time.

2. Data Exploration

Explore most useful business data, cleanse and transform data to make it fit for modeling purpose. Build data pipelines and ingest data on to the analytics platform.

3. Feature Engineering

Develop key performance indicators, metrics and diagnostic analytics which will help customer address the pain points.

4. Socializing Analytics

Promote open analytics culture by democratizing business insights using various methods across the organization. Consolidated reports, charts, dashboards and more.

5. Deliver Business Intelligence

Develop actionable (predictive) insights based on the analytics to boost the business efficiency and business value.


Provide options for continuous support and re-calibration. You’ll also receive ongoing proactive strategies from our experts.

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