TEGZIA© Socializing Analytics

Tegzia is a data socializing platform used by individuals and enterprises to publish datasets, build live charts and dashboards and share valuable insights.


Build your analytics portfolio

Build your data analytics portfolio by curating datasets and quickly expose information. Establish data pipelines, slice, dice, drilldown and analyze all from web interface.


Democratize Data Intelligence

Share your datasets, charts and dashboards with teams within the enterprise or publicly. Share key insights and stories on other social media platforms to gain traction.



Your charts are never stale on Tegzia. Always have live version of your charts by automating your data-pipline to pull data periodically.

Make informed decisions using your data

Try us. Tegzia can help you make efficient decisions about your projects.
Track key metrics and measures using your personal or business data.

A step closer to data-driven world

Data is the lifeblood of today's world. Structure your organization around the modern trends. We let you take up challenges of future by making your world data-driven.

Socialize your data

Search public datasets or publish your own. Visualize using charts and share on social media platform. Write stories about your insights.

Make more sense out of your data

Analytics doesn't have to complex. Tegzia help you build indicators and metrics as you want it. Check out more app features by clicking video icon.

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We've got everything you need to socialize analytics.
Get yourself ahead with the right tool & techniques

User-friendly design

Analytics platform has an easy and adaptable interface. Short learning curve, awsome charts and color schemes.

Data Publishing

Full featured publishing app for exposing datasets. Lightening fast retrieval for an average dataset of >500k records.


Attractive visulizations let you monitor key metrics the right away. Monitor smartly using saved charts. Build dashboards and share them.

Quick Deployment For Enterprises

For businesses, we commit to deploy in hours, not days. Tegzia runs on web browser.

Expert Consulting

Provide full featured consulting on cutting-edge business and data analytics trends. We have the expertise and skills in wide range of industry sectors.

It's For Everyone

Whether you are a business user or love to play with data, Tegzia is for you.


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