Tegzia Analytics

Socialize data analytics. Share your datasets, insights and intelligence.


Data Analytics

Kick-start data analytics by building data pipelines, curate datasets and quickly expose information. Visualize it, slice, dice, drilldown, extract and share insights easily.


Democratize Business Intelligence

Create and share your charts and dashboards with teams, company or publicly. Share key insights on social media to gain traction.


Open data analytics

We expose Open Data by carefully curating open datasets. Analyze and visualize it publicly

Manage Business Intelligently

Modern businesses produce a lot of structured and un-structured information. Don't let your information get wasted by under utilizing it. Make use of every piece of info that matters for successful business operations. Tegzia allows you to have a clear insights of your business operations, forecasts and trends. Don't wait to start managing projects intelligently. It's easy.

Product Features

Do you want to make informed decisions about your business based on facts?

Try us. Tegzia allows you to make effective decisions about your
business operations. Seamlessly monitor key metrics on our business intelligence platform.

A step closer to data-driven world.

Data is the lifeblood of business. Structure your organization around the modern trends. We let you take up challenges of future by making your organization data-driven.

Socialize your data

Enable self-service access of data insights and analytics. Entrench data-driven decision making at all level. Find and share analytics seamlessly.

Make more sense out of your data

Analytics doesn't have to complex. Tegzia help you build indicators and metrics as you want it.Check out more app features by clicking video icon.

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We've got everything you need to manage business analytics.
Get yourself ahead with the right tool & techniques

User-friendly design

Analytics platform has an easy interface which can be quickly adapted by end-users. Minimum learning curve, awsome charts and color schemes.

Expert Consulting

Provide full featured consulting on cutting-edge business and data analytics. We possess the expertise and skills to deliver data and analytics needs of your organization


Attractive visulizations let you monitor key metrics the right away. Monitor smartly using saved charts. Build dashboards and share them across the organization.

Quick Deployment

We commit to deploy in hours, not days. Proprietary analytics platform runs off from web browser.

Data Publishing

Full featured publishing app for exposing data to the business users. No IT skills required to publish or customize views. Lightening fast retrieval at >500k records.

It's For Everyone

Whether the executives just want to see a critical dashboard or the co-ordinator needs to know about everything in there, you can enable that with few clicks.