Solutions for your analytic needs.

We enable wide range of functions across various industries for their analytics needs. Whether you are a business with minimum data capturing capabilities or a full-fledge data driven organization, we'll help you discover the critical functions where the analytics will bring the most value for your business.

Financial Institutions

FIs produce vast amount of data which is perfectly suitable for implementing analytics to enable fast decision-making. Our solutions help reconcile, consolidate and summarize large amout of information in areas of Risk management, Retail & Branch banking etc.

Consumer Product

Our solutions can enable consumer companies to introduce customer-focused analytics, effecient inventories tracking, monitoring supply chains etc. which will help improve market share and sales.

Services Industry

Service industry needs constant monitoring of KPIs to survive in the market. We help businesses capture right KPIs and allow realtime monitoring. Companies like staffing agencies, marketing agencies, real-estate brokerages, automotive dealers, education providers etc can leverage our solutions.

Information Technology

Areas like software engineering, networking and IT infrastrucutres has large amount of untapped or unanalyzed reference data, logs, tickets and whatnot. Our solutions reveal useful insights to streamline and enhance business processes.


Business Intelligence is the key to success when the business output value depends on many variables which needs constant monitoring. We can implement analytics dashboards so that you don't have loose ends when it comes to tracking shipments, monitor processing metrics, etc.


Don't just capture but also analytically analyze critical information such as Hospital Incidents Reporting & Tracking; Patient Safety Management; Feedback Management; Clinical Intelligence; Pharmaceuticals etc.

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