We Deliver Value

Keenly focused on our client's best interests and aim to deliver solutions which meet their goals and objectives. We are committed to maximize the business value by implementing effective solutions allowing our clients to make the most out of their investments.

Business Analysis

We are a team of top analysts from diverse industry backgrounds ready to analyze your business, discover and identify areas where we can provide maximum value.

• Expertise in multiple business domains
• Process Mapping & Management
• System Desgin and Implementation
• Change Management

Business Analytics

We trust you know your business well but we bring in expertise based on our extensive industry experience. We can help your company establish analytical approach to run business without wasting valueable resources.

• Business Value Boosting
• Quick turnaround time to business KPIs
• Expertise in cutting-edge technologies
• Proprietary ETL, analytics and visualization platform

Advanced Analytics

We provide innovative analytical solutions to solve complex business problems. We shape your company to be a truly data-driven business allowing you to make actionable executives decisions using advanced analytics, machine learning and process automation.

• Handling of large datasets
• Predictive and Prescriptive analytics
• Machine Learning
• Statistical Analysis

Social Analytics Platform

We have got the right tools and software to amalgamate our expertise and enable you to lead. Our proprietary analytics platform allows socializing data analytics and enable democratization of data analytics within the organization. All our clients & partners are always eligible for latest version of our software. 


Providing tools and enhancing business value is only part of the picture. We make sure we guide you through your organization's analytical journey and keep your business up to date with modern trends in business analytics. We have led complex transformation projects at various organizations across the globe, transforming client's:

• Finance, Risk and Technology Architecture
• Governance Structure
• Data & Analytics Architecture


We use cutting-edge and industry proven technology for implementing technical solutions. Our expertise lies in the area of Relational, No-SQL and Cloud databases for analytics. Proprietary programs built using Python and in-house analytics platform.

• SQL DBs: MS-SQL Server | PostgreSQL | Oracle
• Cloud stores: Amazon Redshift | Azure SQL | Snowflake
• Python: Pandas, Numpy, Scikit, PyCaret, ApacheSpark
• Data Pipelines: Qlik, Altryx, Chartpresso
• Visualization: Tableau, Tegzia Analytics, PowerBI, SpotFire